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Bill Stutz founded Stutz Basketball Academy in 2011. Ryan began working out with Bill in 2012 during his freshman year of high school. When Ryan first came to Bill he was a non-shooter. By the end of his high school career Ryan was a 45% three point shooter. Bill's instruction was one of the reasons Ryan was able to receive numerous Division I and Division II scholarship offers. By the end of his college career Ryan shot over 51% from three point range.


Ryan began helping kids develop their basketball skills during his time home from college in the Summers and transitioned to leading Stutz Basketball sessions in the Summer of 2023. Welty Basketball Academy was established in January 2024. Although the name has changed, Ryan is looking to continue instructing and developing kids skill sets to achieve their goals on and off the basketball court.  

Basketball player

Ryan Welty


- Northwest Missouri State Men's Basketball (2016-2020)

- 2017 NCAA Division II National Champion

- 2019 NCAA Division II National Champion

- Four time MIAA Champion/Four time MIAA Tournament Champion

- Winningest senior class in Division II history (131-6)

- 66.7% 3-point field goal shooting percentage: Freshman year (52-78)

- Set MIAA record for making 16 consecutive 3-point field goals

- 4th all time in NCAA History in 3-point field goal percentage (51.1%) 

- 5th all time in Northwest history for 3-point field goals made (238)

- MIAA Academic Honor Roll (16-17, 17-18, 18-19, 19-20)


College Highlights

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